Our Story

Hi! I’m Heidi, a group fitness trainer, and owner of Inwood Designs. I’m a Minnesota girl through and through – which means I’m active and social. I’ve loved fashion and fitness ever since I was a little. Playing dress up meant mixing and matching, trying new things, and breaking the rules. I’m grown-up now and Inwood Designs is a combination of my passions.

Like many women, I want to move and look good. That’s why Inwood Designs’ collection of athletic accessories are girly AND functional. My headbands are comfortable; they stay put through your hardest workouts. My gym bags fit easily in a locker but they open w-i-d-e so all your post-workout primping materials are at hand. My designs and fabrics constantly change with trend and season so your accessories stand out in a sea of similarity.

I know what active women want – and I know you’re one cute headband away from a great workout.

Stepped out from behind the scenes with two ladies that always make Inwood Designs look fabulous! I’m the one on the right; *wink*!